Director of Theatre, Full Professor at Newman University
2011 - Present
  • Promoted to Full Professor 2023
  • Tenured 2015, promoted to Associate Professor
  • Created new Theatre Major by 2013. Established curriculum, advised students, hired adjunct professors, direct a major production each semester
  • Taught classes in Acting, both beginning and advanced using body, voice, &
    internal and external methods for stage and screen
  • Taught Introduction to Theatre as a gateway to the art form – interactive and
  • Taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced directing courses
  • Taught Theatre History, both in classroom and online
  • Taught Dramatic Literature as a flipped class
  • Taught Playwriting – 1 student awarded 2nd in the nation for Undergraduate playwrights
  • Taught Voice & Diction
  • Taught Oral Communication
  • Team taught courses in general education, Inferno, Stories in Performance, Ancient Quarrel, and Theology and Entertainment (online)

Assistant Professor of Theatre, Tenure Track at St. Andrews University
2007 - 2011
  • Taught classes in Acting, both beginning and advanced, using body, voice, & internal and external methods for stage and screen
  • Public Speaking – Covered elements of prepared and impromptu speeches.
  • Topics in Theatre – Focused on basics of collaboration and production
  • Early Modern Drama – An in depth study using history, literature, and hands-on activities to probe the London Theatre scene in Shakespeare?s time
  • Introduction to Theatre & Film – Team taught course on both disciplines using lecture style and hands-on activities.
  • Introduction to Theatre – a gateway course into to the art of theatre, encompassing elements of Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Theatre History, Dramatic Literature and Tech Theatre.
  • Directing – Taught directing course that led students through steps in production and culminated with a student directed one-act festival
  • Playwriting – Taught the basics of play construction and creation
  • Tech Theatre – Taught the basics of design for sets and lights
  • Humanities – Taught course in world civilizations and literature, using ancient Greek and Mesopotamian texts, the Bible, and works by Dante, & Shakespeare
  • Development and Teaching Team Leader for Interdisciplinary Humanities Course that interweaves history, religion, philosophy, literature, and the arts
  • London, Shakespeare & Beyond – a trip to London, Oxford, Stratford and Scotland with students focusing on Shakespeare, history, literature, & archaeology
  • Screenwriting – taught techniques for writing scripts for motion pictures.
  • On-line version of Human Culture & Thought – a study of ancient cultures and literature in an 8 week on-line course

The Ezra Pound Center for Literature at Brunnenburg Museum & Study Center
Tirolo, Italy - fall 2010
  • Lead a group of American students for a semester abroad. Took them on field trips to Verona, Venice, Florence, Munich, and Rome.
  • Taught a course in International Dramatic Literature where we studied the plays of Shakespeare, Moliere, Schiller, Pirandello, and Havel. The course culminated in a staged reading at Schloss Tirol, a castle in the Alps.

Instructor at James Madison University
Spring 2007
  • Introduction to Theatre – Taught 40 students in a gateway theatre course that included hands on production and study of dramatic literature

Assistant Professor at Blue Ridge Community College
Spring & Summer 2007
  • Introduction to Speech/Communication – Taught students basic communications skills and public speaking

Faculty at Stuart Hall Prep School
Spring 2007
  • Taught a dramatic literature course to middle school students that focused on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.

Instructor/Internship Supervisor at Mary Baldwin College
Spring 2006
  • Taught Children’s Theatre for MFA candidates, mentored, and oversaw graduate student interns in acting, writing, set design, stage management, lighting, scene painting, props & costume construction.

Guest Instructor at James Madison University
Fall 2005
  • Introduction to Theatre – Critiqued student projects and instructed students in acting, directing, and playwriting.

Guest Lecturer at Mary Baldwin College
Fall 2005
  • Shakespeare – Taught students King Lear in an interactive environment.

Director at The Enrichment Academy for the JCC of Greater Orlando
2001 - 2003
  • Selected and supervised instructors and support staff, established budgets, developed curriculum, scheduled classes, generated publicity, and coordinated use of facility.
  • Developed children’s and teen theatre program
  • Implemented and produced Teen Film Festival
  • Taught Acting for K-12 and adults
  • Instituted Community Service/Internship program
  • Designed several Enrichment classes, including: Acting, Dance, video production, sculpture, cartooning, and voice

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