8 males, 6 females

…also known as 14, an absurd melodramatic farce

The play weaves elements of several styles together; including elements of contemporary theatre with strong language, sexual situations, and medieval morality plays.

Max, the hero, is obsessed with 14s. He sees them everywhere and interprets their mystic meanings. Some characters look up to him, some scorn him, and still others follow an evil megalomaniac who covets 14s and plans to harness their power to take over the world. Max is aided by a goddess and an angel. Can he rescue his damsel from the villain’s lair? Will his friend betray him? The play culminates in a climax and resolution that requires the entire cast.

There are, of course, 14 characters in the play, 8 males, 6 females

This play has not been produced; though scenes have been work shopped on film at Port*Star Productions in Portland, Maine in 1987 & 1988 and in the classroom ever since. It has also received readings at The Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis, MN, the Playwrights’ Round Table in Orlando, FL,  the St. Andrews Writer’s Forum in Laurinburg, NC and at Newman University in the fall of 2014.