7 males, 4 females (with doubling)

This play is based on the apocryphal Biblical book Tobit. It is set in the 7th century BCE. A pious Jew returns home to Nineveh from exile and insists on burying a body against legal decree. Meanwhile, his niece in Ectabana is tormented by a demon that kills each of her new husbands on their wedding night. This same demon torments Tobit and lays a curse of blindness upon him. At their wits end, both Tobit and his niece Sarah pray to God to end their pains for they would rather die than continue to suffer these torments. God sends the Angel Raphael to their rescue; he disguises himself as a long lost cousin. Ultimately, Raphael empowers Tobit’s son to dispel the demon, marry Sarah, and restore Tobit’s sight. This is a Biblical fairy tale brought to life in a full-length play.

(As of yet unproduced and no public readings)