The Adventures of the Big Bad Wolf

4-5 males, 3-4 females (with doubling)

The Big Bad Wolf has always gotten a bad reputation due to combinations of jealousy, unwarranted fear, territorial rivalries, slander, libel, and general misunderstandings. Now we hear the classic stories from his point of view. The Wolf presents his side to stories like Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf and the Kids, The Three Little Pigs, and Peter & the Wolf. Ultimately he is caught and put on trial. The audience will get to decide if he is guilty or not.

Originally performed with a cast of seven, 4 females, 3 males, but doubling is tricky in the trial scene and an eighth cast member of either sex is suggested. It runs approximately 1 hour.

The play was first produced at the Staunton Performing Arts Center in Staunton, VA in June 2007.

It was produced again in 2011 by Encore! Theatre in Laurinburg, NC