Murder on the Mountain

4 males, 3 females

Written jointly with Evan Crump

Cassandra de Winter, an international hostess of cooking channel phenomenon Cass Can Cook has decided to film her latest episode at a mountain resort. But when she arrives, she takes over much to the chagrin of the resort’s hot headed French chef, Stephan. Stephan harasses, blackmails, and bribes the various staff members to derail her show, but they all clearly see the economic benefits if she continues to cook. Because of this, it is not much of a mystery when Stephan turns up poisoned. The mystery is – who poisoned him? Everyone hated him and he was in the way. This play is written with six different endings so that each suspect has a scenario in which they could be the killer.

The play was first produced by Golden Duck Productions at the Massanutten Dinner Theater in 2006.